cornish cobbles 25Kg 4.79
decorative bark 50Lt 2.50
decorative bark *** special offer ***

Genuine Decorative Bark (not to be confused with coloured chipped wood) is a quality bark which is specially selected from sustainable forrests and is ideal for mulching, decoration or as a great covering around childrens play areas.

  • Reduces maintenance by suppressing weed growth.

  • Retains available moisture which is gradually released to ensure soil is rich and moist and plants stay healthy.

  • Provides year round protection and insulation for plant roots from extremes of temperature, excessive heat in summer and damaging frosts in winter.

  • Encourages earthworm activity helping to improve soil aeration and enhancing organic matter levels, fertility and soil structure.
Coverage: 75Lt covers approx 3 m2 to a depth of 25mm (1")

  75Lt 3.50
farm manure (levington)

Organic soil conditioner designed to add humus and plant foods to the soil to naturally increase the yield and improve the vitality of roses, flowers, fruit and vegetables.

  56Lt 2.79
gravel decorative - york gold 25kg 4.99
limestone chips 25Kg 3.29
scottish pebbles 25Kg 4.79
slate chippings blue 25Kg 4.59