bulb fibre 40lt 2.99
cactus (gem)

A gritty compost specially formulated to contain all the right plant foods and trace elements to promote healthy growth in all cacti and succulent plants.

Size: 5 litre.

  5Lt 1.59
garden peat

General purpose garden peat.

Taken from sustainable peat sources.

  200Lt 7.19
garden peat 75Lt 4.99
garden peat 40Lt 2.99
grow bag 25Lt 0.99
grow bag (levington tomorite)

New bigger bag for:

- Easy watering
- Better growth
- Extra yield

With Tomorite Plant Food and added seaweed for full flavoured tomatoes.

  6 plant 3.99
grow bag 3 plant (gem)

A general purpose growing bag containing a balance of essential plant foods.

Size: 3 to 4 plant.

  3plant 1.99
multi purpose (gem)

For sowing seeds:

Fill container level, lightly firm. Water and let drain.

Sow seeds evenly and cover with own depth of compost, except for fine seeds.

Cover container with polythene, keep in the shade. Prick out into small pots of compost when large enough to handle.


Fill container with compost. Drill holes with a dibber. Dip cuttings in a hormone rooting powder. Cover with polythene to create a humid atmosphere.

Potting On Plants:

Water plants and allow to drain. Knock out of old pot, place in the center of new pot and fill around with compost, water well.

Formulated especially for amateur gardeners.

  75Lt 3.99
multi purpose compost 40Lt 2.39
multi purpose compost 75Lt 3.49
multi purpose compost (levington)

With superior texture to help plants develop stronger roots and grow healthily all around the garden. Ideal for beds, borders, hanging baskets, pots and tubs.

Absorbs 25% more water than ordinary multi purpose compost.

  75Lt 4.99