epsom salts ctn (gem)

Corrects magnesium deficiencies in soils, crops and houseplants.

  1kg 1.83
horticultural gravel (gem)

Use for greenhouse benching, top dressing pots, ring culture, paths, patios and driveways.

Size: 5Kg

  5kg 1.59
horticultural grit (gem)

Use for seed and potting composts, alpines, rock plants and rooting cuttings.

Size: 5Kg

  5kg 1.59
horticultural pea gravel 25kg 3.52
horticultural sand (gem)

Use for seed and potting composts, rooting cuttings.

Size: 5Kg

  5kg 1.59
perlite (gem)

Use for seed sowing, rooting cuttings, potting and container growing.

Absorbs and retains vast amounts of air and water to avoid soil compaction and improve aeration and drainage in all types of compost.

Sizes: 50Lt

  50Lt 8.39
silver sand (gem)

Use for seed composts, cuttings and top dressing lawns.

Sizes: 5Kg

  5kg 1.59
vermiculite (gem)

Use for seed germination, pricking out and potting composts.

Absorbs and retains nutrients and slowly releases them into the soil.

Retains moisture near to the plant roots. Insulates against temperature fluctuations when used as a seed covering.

Sizes: 50Lt

  50Lt 9.50